Round horse walker

The range

Téléhorse : specialist and manufacturer of round horse walkers for over 30 years

To meet your needs and those of your horses, Telehorse offers various custom round walker models. We have been specialised in the field for over 30 years. Our walkers are made in France. They are high-tech riding equipment that will optimize the training of your horses.

A round walker for what?

Round walkers are there to help horse owners and trainers in the daily training of their horses. They allow the introduction of varied and adapted exercises that will improve the mental and physical condition of your horse. Very convenient for you and your horses, this material also allow better recovery after exercising by lowering lactate thanks to tissue oxygenation resulting from a quiet but steady march of your horse.

A round walker for whom?

The round walker is for all the profesional and private people who care about their horse. We install round walkers in riding schools, stud farms, racing stableyards, private yards and houses.

A round horse walkers for which horse?

Round walkers are suitable for the training of all horses. No matter the discipline practiced: flat racing horses, obstacle or trotting horses, showjumpers, dressage horses, eventers… the round walker will be at home at your yard.

For over 30 years, Téléhorse has innovated to offer you the best round horse exercisers.

Discover our range of round horse walkers and their options

Several models exist for your specific needs: with or without roof, round or oval, of different sizes (18 meters or model from 12 to 30 meters), with grids electrification option with flexible reinforced PVC fences for higher security or with the optional automatic watering .For cleaning the track, we place major portals 3m 6m rail allowing the passage of bob4 or small tractor. Our models can accommodate from 4 to 24 horses.

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