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Téléhorse: Horse fencing specialist and manufacturer

USA FLex Fence flexible and ultra resistant fence.

Telehorse manufactures various fences for horses. You can order a fence for your racecourse, racetrack, field, horse stables, pony club, equestrian center The fences will protect your horses and are guaranteed against frost and UV. They can be made of wood fence, reinforced flexible PVC tape. Each fence is built customized and mounted by professionals of horse people.
With the manufacture of large oval walkers that can accommodate 6 to 24 horses, TELEHORSE had to use ultra-resistant, flexible and non-hurtful fences for horses of great value. All fences are guaranteed high quality to satisfy all our customers and ensure the well being of your animal.

The horse fence USA Flex-Fence responded best of all the fences. Under the pressure of the animals, the closing deforms and slides back into place without breaking or injuring the horses. The safety of your horses is the priority for our company.

This gate also meets horse safety upwind, paddock, round pen, stables, round or oval walker walker. The fence USA Flex-Fence  is perfect for the safety of training laps, race track and arena.

With the USA Flex-Fence protection, your arena gains value and provides a beautiful finish with minimum maintenance. So your equestrian training ground will be equipped with a recognized high quality enclosure and used by professionals.

The strength of our horse fences result from a treatment in the mass. PVC contains two steel cables weapon ribbon while remaining flexible but actually its strength and durability and frost resistant and UV sunlight and this unlike conventional rubber bands.

The fence USA Flex-Fence is sold in rolls of 205 m with white or brown mounting bracelets. We also offer wooden and plastic enclosures.

Flexible PVC tape reinforced